Sunday, December 14, 2008

Awesome and Funny Day!!

I had a call yesterday from my mom on her cell phone. I asked her where she was since she usually only calls me from her cell if she is with Len at the Noon Rd. in Bellingham. She said, "Oh, I'm in town." She then asked to talk to Jayden, asking him if he wanted her to come over. I was thinking why is she asking him if he wants her to come over... of course he wants her to come over!! Jay wouldn't talk much since we were outside playing so I took the phone and she asked, "Can you come pick me up?" I said, what do you mean? And she told me she was at the airport waiting for us to come and get her... Talk about a great surprise! When we were getting ready to leave the house I actually had to call her back and make sure she was serious!! I mean I knew she would never let me leave and drive all the way to get her from the airport and her not be there, but still I just had to make sure!! What a relief it was to see my mom.... It's the best Christmas present ever! Thanks MOM!!
Okay onto Funny!! Jayden Azariah is 3 yrs old and he is a hoot!! The things he does can do nothing but make you laugh (or cry :). We were almost home from picking my mom up from the airport and I look back at Jayden who is making this funny noise like he blowing his nose. Well, his Nana had given him a mint and for some reason he decided to put it up his nose. He had his hand up to his nose and kept blowing to get it out and hopefully catch it. His Nana tried to help him but he said, "No Nana, I can do it!" And with one more blow, out it flew into his hand and back in his mouth it went!!!!YUM, YUM
And then there was a Today at lunch! My mom treated us to Lunch at this little Greek cafe after Church since it's Masimba's 27th Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! Jayden had finished eating so he got down from the table to stand by the window. I saw him get a napkin off the table and wipe the window with it. I looked again and I saw him spiting as much spit as he could all over the window and then wiping it with his napkin!! His spit was smeared all over the window! I guess I have taught him well- you always clean up before you leave!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Thinking...

I was just thinking about how fortunate I am! I have 2 beautiful, heathly, wonderful boys who are the greatest gifts God has given me, a good husband who takes good car of our family and works hard so that I can be at home with my boys.... I have family and friends back home in Washington who love and care so much about me. I so often can get in a pity part slump of feeling depressed because things aren't just the way I want them. I miss my family and firends back home and yes it is hard being in a new place not knowing anyone... But God has been so good to me! He provides for all my needs above and beyond! And I know there is a reason for this season of my life! Everyday I wake up I literally start counting my blessings! Thank you for my children! Thank you for my friends! Thank you for the sunshine! Thank you for a car to drive to get out of the house with the kids!! I could go on and on.... I am learning that all God wants from me is my devotion to Him and my dedication to be an example of love to others. I want to live this way everyday! Lord give me GRACE!!